Solar Powered Outdoors Motion Sensor Lights


Use this led Sensor light for your garden, backyard, deck, porch, patio, pond, veggie patch, driveway, or any outdoor location that needs a light. As a weatherproof and heatproof light, it can be installed without fear of environmental damage. As a day charger, install it outside and let the sun power it up. During the day the solar light will automatically switch off to save energy; at night it will turn on when motion sensor detected so you can find your way.

LED Solar-Powered Motion Sensor Security Light - 4 Pack


Install in seconds: Easily install these lights by screwing them up to the surface. Once screwed in, just press the black button next on the light and you're already set! Screws are included in the package. 


No wiring necessary: The light is wireless. Simply screw it up to the surface of your choice and let the light charge up with solar energy. Once charged, the light will automatically shine when movement is detected in the dark. 

Durable, weather-resistant construction: The light is IP65 water-resistant, heat resistant and frost resistant. It will work with any kind of different weather. 

Automated switch: The light is always off when it is daytime. Once it is nighttime, the light stays out unless movement is detected. If movement is detected from at least 5 meters away in a range of 120°, then the light still stays on. If it does not detect movement for at least 15 seconds, it will automatically turn off again. 


  • 124*96*48 millimeters
  • Up to 120° motion angle
  • A distance of up to 5 meter
  • Light lasts 15 seconds after no motion is detected
  • Two modes: Off and Bright, no dim mode.
  • Solar panel of 0.55W with 17% efficiency
  • The lithium-ion battery has 3.7V, 1200mAH

  1. The black button is the switch, press it firmly to turn the light on
  2. Screw the light on the surface with the supplied screws
  3. Charge the Solar Panel in the sun for around 7 hours
  4. Enjoy the automatic bright light at night 

Package includes:

  • 2/3/4/5/6x Solar Powered Outdoors Motion Sensor Lights
  • 2/3/4/5/6x Screws

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