Multifunctional Magnetic Universal Organizer (10 Pieces)


A modern person needs a lot of things during the day to live comfortably. Things like headphones, a few charging cables, a notebook, pens, money, cards, etc. 

But what do these necessary things create if they are not organized? And what is the hassle of putting them in order each time?

Our Multifunctional Magnetic Universal Organizers solve this problem, and it is your faithful helper in this fight against chaos! It is a small miracle that was created to simplify your life, to make it more comfortable and less stressful!

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You can use the organizers as a keychain, a pencil case, cable organizer, a magnet on the fridge for notes, a paper clip, a curtain for your webcam, the number of these methods is limited only by imagination! 


  • Your favorite accessory: Magnet your earphone wire to your shirt. Stop losing your keys and stick them to the fridge! Clip your chip and cereal bags closed. Bundle unsightly computer cables on and under your desktop. Magnetically tie back or hold your curtain or drapes closed. Make great sunglasses or glasses shirt clips. Perfect wraps for corded bathroom items - manage your hair dryer, electric razor, curling iron, and straightener cables.
  • Ultra strong magnets: If you're tired of cable organizers with weak magnets that simply fall out at any given time, then your search is over! Our high grade and "Scary strong" magnets are 100% embedded and sealed into the silicone organizer, so they will hold things like a pro.
  • Flexible stretching: We use the highest quality of heavy-duty stretchable silicone that won't damage your surfaces, won't pinch your fingers, and won't pull your hair (yes, they make terrific ponytail holders). The soft and pliable material works as an adhesive and grips the surface. This allows you to wrap them around small or large cord bundles, and the mini magnets will hold tight. 


  • Made out of Silicone
  • 106 x 16 millimeters (4.2" x 0.6")
  • Available in White, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Pink and Gray

Package includes:

  • 10x Color of choice Multifunctional Magnetic Universal Organizers 

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