Magic Thumb Light



You can perform a magic show too with this Magic Thumb Light

Recommended buying the Full Set (Red, Blue, and Green) to teach kids to do a magic show.

Entertain for hours! You will absolutely amaze everyone with these Magic Thumb Lights. From children to seniors, it's easy magic that anyone can do.

The Magic Secret

They fit perfectly over your fingers or thumbs and have a little button inside that activates the red light. As you press the button, the red light gives the illusion that you are moving the light around with your fingers.


  • Ultra elastic material: Fit in fingers with a diameter of 2 - 3 centimeter
  • Safe to use: These Thumb Lights are RoHS compliant and are made with materials that are environmentally friendly. Thumb Lights contain no Phthalates, which are known to upset the endocrine system.
  • Show your hands empty: Always keep Thumb Lights shielded from your spectator's view by not showing your open palms, especially when your hands are not moving.
  • Long lasting: Under normal usage, Thumb Lights will last for up to a year.

Package includes:

  • 1 Pair of Magic Thumb Light
  • With the full set, you will get 1 pair of red, 1 pair of blue and 1 pair of green, a total of 3 pairs of Thumb Lights.

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